What if there was time and space for you to pursue your dreams and spend more time with those closest to you?

There are many strategies to consider, but first – you must clear away the clutter.


How many times has your head hit the pillow at night, only to feel like you did nothing of significance?

How often do you feel like your days are spinning out of control and, consequently, your life feels like it's out of your control? 

Are you afraid of getting to the end of your life and feeling like you have nothing to show for it?

You're not alone.

Many of us are living day by day, paycheck to paycheck, barely surviving, and definitely NOT thriving. We feel like we're answering to everybody else's beck and call and never doing any of the things we actually love to do with the people we love.

But what if you could change all that?

That's why I've created the Life Design Course.


Life Design is a course for those that want to take back control of their lives. Too many of us are getting bogged down in the daily grind and we forget to create a life worth living!

Many people are implementing strategies that only address the symptoms, but not the real problems.

We've all heard the same advice:

"Just wake up earlier to hustle!"

"You should start a business so you can have all the money you want!"

...and on and on it goes.

I'm not saying that advice doesn't work, but they're still only addressing symptoms, not the disease.

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Here's what we'll be exploring

  • How to identify what's really stealing your time and resources, and what to do about it.
  • Strategies to turn chaos into peace and order — in your mind, your home, and your relationships.
  • How to identify the most important things in life, and how to make them a priority.
  • How to gain control of your finances, while keeping the liberty to spend money on what you want.
  • Cultivating friendships and community without going to every party and get-together you're invited to.
  • Dreaming big while taking simple, practical steps toward the life you ultimately desire. 

The Life Design Course will help you answer 3 major questions:



How do I find time for the activities and people I love?

There are literally dozens and dozens of strategies to help people manage their time better. But I believe most strategies aren't correctly addressing the problem.

You'll discover what the biggest time thief of all time is and how to implement a game plan to crush it!

How do i gain control of my finances?

With practical steps and a proven plan, you CAN gain control of your money. And the beautiful thing is, you don't have to live like a hobo to do it!

You'll learn how to create and implement a plan for your finances, and how to make money decisions easier than ever before. 

How can I have meaningful relationships?

Let's face it—nobody wants to live alone. We all want companionship and friendship. But how can we accomplish that when we're so busy?

With all the freed up time and money you'll have, I'll share with you how to maximize more time for the people that matter in your life. I'll also show you how to communicate and connect on a deeper level than ever before. 



Class Details: Here Is What You Will Get

  • Full Life Design Video Course (3 Modules with possible future bonus modules)

  • Easy to implement "Next Steps" for each lesson in each module (so you can make progress immediately).

  • Audio downloads of all the lessons

  • Text Transcripts of all the lessons

  • Online community within the course for increased interaction and application

  • Bonus material (interviews, Q&A calls, etc.)


If you participate in the course and don’t find value in it, I’ll refund all your money within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked. What do you have to lose?


Praise for past courses

"I went in with an open mind and came out with my mind blown! I had so many "ah ha" moments with each email I received and I have already seen an improvement in myself." –Ester V.
"You are so open, honest, and real and that is truly hard to find. Keep up the good work"          –Joanne P.
"Inspiring, thought provoking, relevant to everyday life." –Dr. D. 
"Because of how relevant the topics were to my life and the way it was written...made me feel as if we were chatting over a drink." –Lorné L.
"From content to writing style, I was entertained and blessed by these lessons!" –Clay C.
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Created by Derek Harvey

I love to write, speak, play music, and reimagine the future. I've been a justice filmmaker, pastor, financial coach, songwriter, and an advocate for the voiceless. I write about gaining influence, leading well, and connecting deeper at derekharvey.me

My articles have been published on YourTango, Upworthy, and Radiant Magazine.

I value and appreciate good design, 
especially when it comes to your life.